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Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance                     

In this increasingly litigious society and in today’s competitive marketplace, more and more individuals and businesses are looking for accountability for the adverse consequences they experience as a result of services delivered to them.

JITOA has introduced its tour operator member’s Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance coverage, in cooperation with the Euro-Arab Insurance Group.JITOA was the first to introduce this service to the Jordan Tourism Sector in the aim of to raise the standards for Jordan’s inbound tour operators to meet International Best Practices guidelines.  
Professional indemnity insurance (PII), is an essential financial safeguarding measure for Travel professionals while most businesses take out a PII as a liability cover to protect themselves against financial claims from clients.  In fact, PII is compulsory for the majority of professional businesses and services.

Jordan travel professionals now are able to offer their clients a standard professional insurance that they can tailor cover according to their own requirements. This service provides tour operators in Jordan the opportunity to cover for financial claims brought against incidents occasioning bodily injury or property damage which can arise from negligent acts, errors or omissions. The insurance is limited to cover the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), and Jordanian Agents working in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

Should i get covered

The need for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance has never been greater.

Tour Operators make various arrangements for travelers involving several service providers. This is risky and may lead to possible legal liabilities against you as a tour operator. 


Are you looking for a service that covers you against incidents of bodily injury, property damage ?
Do you know that Tour Operators or travel package organizers are liable for the acts, errors and omissions of any supplier used in conjunction with a package holiday ?
Do you think that you need to be adequately covered by a specific insurance policy to guarantee cover for all eventualities ?



JITOA offers quality protection available to members with easy and affordable Public Liability (PL) and Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance coverage.

In fact, PL/PI Insurance is an essential financial safeguard for Travel professionals, and most service providers take out a PI policy to protect themselves against possible financial claims from clients.


Insurance Type:

Tour Operator Liability


Third party legal liability including bodily injuries and / or property damage and          Professional Indemnity 

Limit of indemnity:

USD 1,000,000 any one loss (combined limit for property damage & bodily injuries & professional indemnity)

Sub Limited to USD 100,000 maximum limit of indemnity any one person (combined limit for property damage & bodily injuries & professional indemnity)

Deductible amount:

USD 5,000 any one loss

Territories Limits:

Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), and Jordanian Agents working in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt

Activities Included:

Transportation, accommodation and other tourism service being as a package or separately. Inbound Tourism business including / additionally hiking, horseback & camels riding & cycling competition (not racing or jumping or cycling competition), 4X4 rides in the desert and Wadi Rum and all over Jordan.


Activities Excluded:

Product Liability, war, pollution liability, Sabotage & Terrorism, Asbestos Clause, Cyber Risks, Marine Liability, liability due to diving and other activities and sports with high risk such as but not limited to car racing, Bungee Jumping, and all similar dangerous activities.



If you have any inquiries about the insurance, please contact our insurance broker:

Mr. Ibrahim A. Doany
Tel. 962 6 5682556  - Fax. 962 6 5682553 -  Cell. 962 795544123 - E-mail.


Did You KNOW

JITOA actively lobby for sector advocacy issues to provide a better business environment, while we helped in the negotiations process with the Tourism Ministry and governmental officials to exempt sales tax fees on travel packages to Jordan.

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