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Tourism Environmental Initiative... Don't mess with Nature Initiative

Don’t mess with Nature – لا تعبث يالطبيعة is an environmental national initiative that was launched in August 2009, by JITOA with the support of Ministryof Tourism and Antiquities and Ministry of Environment, to increase awareness among Jordanians and the tourism sector about their environmental responsibilities and practices. The success of this initiative depends on the active and ongoing public and private-sector partnerships in many parts of the Kingdom.

This initiative involves a long term strategic plan to eliminate the trash visitors observe at and between touristic sites.   A key component of the plan is to change the culture to an anti-littering mindset, working to change the behavior of Jordanians through environmental awareness campaigns supported by the media and the educational system. Helping local communities produce eco-friendly products and handicrafts made from recycled material will also create new job opportunities for them.

JITOA and the public-private partners who worked together in launching this initiative have identified three pilot project areas to create successful models, including Zara Hot Springs/ Dead Sea, Petra Archaeological Park, and Dibbin Nature Reserve.

The tourism industry in Jordan is facing some challenges related to solid waste management and environmental problems. This initiative aims at focusing on these problems and working on finding and implementing effective and real solutions.
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Initiative Goals & Objectives
Protect nature and keep Jordan treasures clean
Build environmental awareness among Jordanians and guests on littering problem, waste handling and trees cutting  
Improve the livelihood of local communities
Involve Jordanians by volunteering to save nature and help each other
Educate our children on protecting nature and how to deal with trash
Develop recycling opportunities
Produce handicrafts and local products from the re-use of recycled material
Prove to our guests that Jordan is an eco-friendly country with educated people
Encourage companies in the tourism sector to re-think and use more environment friendly products, equipments and services.
Enhance the view of the natural and cultural resources in Jordan.
Eliminate Visual Pollution at archeological and natural sites.

Campaigns and Activities
Zara Cleanup Camapign 2009
Petra Cleanup Campaign 2009
Jerash Adoption Program 2010
World Water Day 2011
Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed

Did You KNOW

JITOA actively lobby for sector advocacy issues to provide a better business environment, while we helped in the negotiations process with the Tourism Ministry and governmental officials to exempt sales tax fees on travel packages to Jordan.

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