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Event Management Certificate Program (EMP)

The Event Management Certificate Program is the founding member of the International Consortium of Event Management Programs. This standardized curriculum is offered throughout the world and is the first comprehensive program in higher education providing classroom and distance learning courses leading to industry certification in special events. The program is designed to meet your needs and to earn your Professional Certificate in Event Management.

Courses in the Event Management Program are taught by the George Washington University School of Business – Jordan Local Instructors. Instructors include specialists in event management, owners of event management firms, and experts in event marketing and sponsorship. The knowledge and skills that one gains from program participation are useful to both beginning and experienced event management professionals and to volunteers in special event activities.

Learn the tools and practical aspects of event and meeting management. Content includes research, design, planning, coordination, site analysis, feasibility studies and evaluation of events and meetings. Learn best practices in promotion, organization and risk management for seminars, conventions, conferences, trade shows, expositions, and special events of all sizes.
1. Validate your experiences

Students can expect to:


Learn best practices and latest thinking for the design, planning and execution of successful events and meetings for groups from 10 to thousands

Gain a big picture awareness of the event and meeting industry, including seminars, conventions, conferences, expositions, trade shows, special events, and more

Learn to conduct effective event and meeting management research, including needs assessment, site analysis, situation analysis, and feasibility studies

Experience the industry firsthand via an on-site, hands-on internship




Starting a new career as an event or meeting planner

In the industry and interested in enhancing your skills

Not in the industry, but charged with planning and facilitating meetings and events for your company or organization, profit or nonprofit

A volunteer or in charge of volunteers for special event activities


The Event Management Certificate Program Consists of Seven Courses

Best Practices in Event Management
Event Coordination
Event Marketing
Risk Management: Financial, Legal, and Ethical Safeguards
Meetings and Conferences
Event Sponsorship

Exhibitions/Trade Shows Planning, Management, and Marketing

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Event Management Certificate Program is An Ideal for You If You Are...


Six Reasons to Earn Your Certificate Now!


2. Stay fresh with continuing education
3. Fulfill personal goals
4. Create your own pathway
5. Work effectively
6. Learn trends from leading-edge professionals

Did You KNOW

JITOA is one of the major institutes in providing professional training and certification to the Jordan tourism sector, since its inception JITOA has operated various courses to more than 1000 students from around 100 tourism organizations.

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