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The First "Tourism Management Internship Program" 

JITOA initiated this program to address the human resource needs of the tourism sector in Jordan, which is facing serious challenges in connecting between tourism enterprises and educational institutes responsible for tourism training and education and finding the qualified caliber to meet the expectations of tourism employers. Also, the hospitality sector will generate around 25,000 job opportunities within the next four years and there is a need to ensure that this demand can be addressed. Students will receive JD400 over the internship period.

The program also includes organizing training plans and workshops during the intern’s hosting period to supplement their experience and improve their knowledge and help them develop their professional skills. Topics covered: Customer Service, Time management, Business Writing, Team Building, and English Language.

Jordan Tourism companies can take part in providing proper training to hospitality and tourism students, which eventually will reflect on the development and building the capacity of Jordan tourism human resources.

The goals of this Internship Program are the following:

• To provide a meaningful work experience and learning opportunities for university students and new graduates of tourism related degrees;
 To provide host organizations an opportunity to mentor students and new graduates;
• To contribute to increasing the overall human resource capacity for Jordan;
To help advance progress toward achieving the goals of the NTS;
To influence the curriculum of universities that offer tourism related degrees to be more responsive to the needs of the tourism industry; and
 To establish in the future a national tourism management internship program that is offered at all universities and colleges for credit to students during each year of their degree.


Pilot project with the Hashemite University (HU)

JITOA applied the first joint pilot project of the “Tourism Management Internship Program” for the Hashemite University tourism students, of the Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Heritage (QRITH). The program was launched under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and supported by the USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II (SIYAHA) grant.

10 selected students of QRITH enrolled in this internship program, after thorough examination.   They got the chance to make job interviews with hosting organizations of JITOA members.

Five students were successfully recruited, where they got the opportunity to enjoy a real practical experience in the field. Each intern was hosted for 3 months period, under intensive supervision and guidance to successfully meet the challenges of the Internship program.

This pilot Tourism Management Internship Program was successfully started with structure and guidance so it can grow to include more students, universities and host organizations. Students are the industry experts of tomorrow and we must all work towards improving curriculum, work opportunities and training to ensure Jordan remains a world class tourism destination.



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JITOA launched the first "Tourism Management Internship Program"a joint pilot project with the Hashemite University (HU) for students of the Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Heritage (QRITH). The program was initiated to address the human resource needs of the tourism sector.

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