At JITOA, we believe that the future of Jordan’s tourism sector lies in the hands of the next generation of leaders and innovators. In 2014, we established a Junior Board, in order to engage the industry’s young professionals from all membership categories, in shaping and driving progress.


Our Junior Board (JB) works to create and implement a number of innovative initiatives and programs, all of which are actively elevating the standards of our industry. At the same time, these young leaders are helping to raise the profile of JITOA on a local and international scale.



  1. Pan East International Tourism, represented by Mrs. Yasar Malhas – Head of Junior Board
  2. Ashtar Tours, represented by Mr. Tareq Samih
  3. Experience Jordan , represented by Mr. Ayman Abed Alkareem
  4. Karma House, represented by Mr. Salem Batmani
  5. Plaza Tours, represented by Mr. Wahab Riyal
  6. Pella Tours, represented by Ms. Sarah Al-Sharief
  7. Ayla Oasis Development Company , represented by Mr. Mohammad Al-Azab
  8. Movenpick Jordan , represented by Mr. Ghaith Pawlo


Contact us if you want to make a change and join our Junior Board.