Ashraf Barqawi - Executive Director
Ashraf comes to JITOA with a wealth of experience in the travel and hospitality world. Prior to joining JITOA, Ashraf was the Director of Eco-Tourism at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. During his tenure at RSCN, Ashraf was able to develop the eco-tourism department, building a team of experienced sales and marketing professionals to boost the commercial side of the tourism business at the reserves. Before that, Ashraf spent a bulk of his career in the hotel segment of the business, working with both local and international hotel chains. Ashraf is an avid reader, and enjoys outdoor activities in his spare time.
Ahed Abu-Alfeilat - Information and Events Coordinator
Ahed started out as an intern with JITOA back in July 2018. Ahed is a computer engineering graduate, and during collage was managing the students association in the engineering department for two years. A strong believer in teamwork, she has positive energy and excellent social communication skills, and always believes that the only way to achieve great work is by loving what you do.
Lina Al-Khaled - MEDUSA Project Leader - Jordan
A graduate of the Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO) with a Master’s Degree in Management of International Tourism, Lina spent her 20 years career with a faithful focus on enhancing and developing the tourism sector in Jordan, through the various positions she held with government, private sector, donor organizations, and now NGOs. Lina contributed to the set-up of JITOA in 2003 and has led the association into new successes since up to the end of 2018. She speaks 5 languages, and truly believes that working together coherently is the only way for success.
JITOA Accounting
JITOA Accounting – this portfolio is outsourced and managed by SK Consulting which allows the association access to world class professional services at a reasonable rate.