JITOA is seeking ways to create more awareness among the sector and its partners on tourism importance, and chose to use the World Tourism Day on September 27, to bring everyone together. The idea is to engage both industry and non-industry partners to highlight how important tourism is for the communities that it touches, and ultimately for Jordan at large. 


This year, the theme for the World Tourism Day is “Digital Transformation”. Therefore JITOA is working on several levels to showcase the “Digital Transformation” aspect within the sector and how the various components are linked together.


In particular JITOA is conducting the following activities that led to the World Tourism Day celebration:


  1. Partnership with INTAJ – the Information and Technology Association of Jordan, in an effort to bring mutual benefits to our members. The partnership includes B2B interactions, sharing events, supporting marketing activities where applicable.
  2. Presenting Tourism at MENA ICT Forum 2018, and discussing ways that Tourism can benefit the IT sector and vice versa through tourism sector representation and panel participation. JITOA developed a special video that carries the above message during the Forum.
  3. Develop a new walking route in Amman, linking modern and traditional parts of the city (particular between the new Abdali and Weibdeh areas) and hold a collective event (a walk) to engage tourism sector employees and residents of Amman. The idea of the walk is to highlight a walking route within the city of Amman, considering many residents of the city may not be aware of such activities, and in order to boost the exposure of such activities for the international travelers.
  4. Launch an initiative to position Jordan as the first deaf friendly Arab country for the purposes of tourism, utilizing a specialized IT tool to facilitate live interaction between the deaf tourists and tourism service providers.


  5. As a follow up step, JITOA will seek a virtual reality developer to transform the walking experience in Amman into a digital one.


To implement this initiative,a World Tourism Day Committee has been formed including public and private sector entities to ensure the success of this event.