The Million Volunteer Campaign for a Cleaner Jordan


About the Initiative


“Himmeh w Lammeh” initiative is being led by JITOA and a group of volunteers, with the aim of removing litter that is choking our forests and beautiful touristic sites throughout Jordan.

On the occasion of The World Tourism Day which falls on September 27 of each year, and World Clean Up Day which coincides on September 21st, we plan to have an army of one million volunteers deployed around Jordan in those sites to help clean up our beloved Jordan. These volunteers are citizens who are fed up with being watchers and want to become doers, to sweep across the whole of Jordan, picking up trash.


The activity is planned to take place on Saturday, September 28th 2019.

- Raising awareness about the importance of tourism to Jordan’s economy.

- Raising the issue of littering on a new level and position it as an urgent national issue, and create awareness about the harm that trash is causing to our country.

- Influencing and changing these common behaviours through education and awareness.

- Clean up in and around tourist sites to ensure a healthier tourism experience for locals and foreigners.

- Enforcing laws and regulations that are related to environmental protection.


This campaign is a people’s campaign, raised by people who cannot take any longer the issue of trash being thrown everywhere, the lack of enforcing laws and regulations that can help in adjusting peoples’ attitude and ethics.

We believe that the size of this campaign accompanied by the media coverage will get to raise this issue on a national level, and create a positive impact.