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Jordan Tours & Travel With a rich history and a passion for showcasing the wonders of Jordan, Jordan Tours & Travel has established itself as a leading tour operator in the region. Their expertise in crafting personalized travel experiences ensures that every trip is not just a journey, but a passage through time and culture.

Our Mission is To set new benchmarks in travel by offering unparalleled, high-quality experiences that are sustainable and centered around our clients’ needs. We are committed to excellence in all services, ensuring that each traveler’s experience is remarkable and responsible.

Our Vision To be the foremost travel company in Jordan, renowned for our innovative spirit and dedication to providing trustworthy, top-tier services. We aspire to be the gateway through which travelers discover Jordan’s authentic beauty and heritage.

Our Values Our business is grounded in integrity, authenticity, and hospitality. These values are the pillars upon which we build client relationships and craft travel experiences.

General Manager Eid Nawafleh


  • Bespoke Tour Packages
  • Cultural and Heritage Tours
  • Adventure and Nature Excursions
  • Corporate Travel and Event Planning
  • Comprehensive Travel Management

Established in 2004 

Address and Contact Information 

Amman Office:              Petra Office:
Tel: +962 798456666              Tel: +962 798838838
Emergency: +962 798838838              Mob: +962 797288880
Fax: +962 6 5665003              Fax: +962 3 215 4600
Emergency: +962 79 8888 388              Emergency: +962 79 8888 388

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