If you are looking for history and authenticity, look no further than Busayra, the ancient capital of the Edomites. This fortified town is located in the Tafila Governorate, in the South of Jordan, about 180 km from the capital Amman. This town has witnessed important historical eras, reaching its peak in the time of the Edomites (who lived in the area at the same time as the Ammonites and the Moabites), some 10,000 years ago, when this kingdom took Busayra as its capital.

The town is made up today of heritage buildings standing alongside modern houses, vineyards, and fig trees that stand beside nearly every home. Its popular markets run along the right- and left-hand sides of the main street that leads through the town straight to the archaeological site.

When you arrive at the archeological area, you will find that there is only one way to access the naturally-fortified site, as it is surrounded by valleys on three of its four sides. The ruins of houses built with thick stone walls and stone-paved floors are still visible in the site today, as is the main well, which provided the residents with their needed water. The guided trail inside the site takes you through a fascinating tour of history. The main educational signs are located with the ruins to the West, so you can enjoy the view of the Dana valley and Sela and Al Maaten valley, impressive scenery that will stimulate your imagination, especially at sunset.

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