Ghawr Asafi

In a quiet family atmosphere begins the visit to Ghawr as Safi, 150 km south of the capital Amman. Here among the southern valleys, just south of the Dead Sea, lives an agri-tourism experience where you can see with your own eyes farms for vegetables, legumes, citrus fruits, tomatoes, perhaps the most important agricultural product in the Jordan Valley. When you visit Ghawr as Safi, we recommend that you stop at the Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth, which includes important archaeological treasures and tells the story of the Jordan Valley through the ages. You can also visit the museum at the Cave of the Prophet Lot, one of the most important historic sites in Jordan, where you can find an ancient church decorated with pillars and mosaic floors.

If you are a lover of sweets looking to learn and have a new experience, you should visit the sugar mills at Ghawr as- Safi. Here you can learn about one of the most important food products in human history, sugar, and discover the historical importance of the sugar economy during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods. During this time, the Jordan Valley was an important center for the farming, purification, and storage of cane sugar, which was then exported all around the world. Sugar from this area gained international fame during this period, becoming known as “royal sugar.”

The Ghawr as Safi kitchen experience provides you with a unique opportunity to learn about the most popular local dishes in an interactive way. You will learn how to cook your own food from members of the local community after you visit a farm and participate in harvesting. If you are a cyclist, you can rent a bicycle here and take it on a journey to get to know Ghawr as Safi and enjoy the purity of the atmosphere and the amount of oxygen in the air, the highest in the world.

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